How Much Are You Willing To Pay?!

Did you know, that google Ad РWords & Paid Advertisements are all a part of an auction?

I’m sure not many people know about the way paid Ads works; however, it’s very simple. The same way an auction works “the highest bidder wins” is the same way google sets up its auctions, but there’s one more thing, AD QUALITY. Who would have thought, that the relevance of your ad & how good your website looks, performs and reacts actually mattered; although you’re still paying for the ad regardless.Google Ad - Words


Put your money where your website is;

The better the website, the better your ranking, and believe it or not; the lower your cost per click!


Still Curious?

A Quick Video I found regarding this topic.

It might not be the best quality video, but it’s the best quality information !

Make sure your website is up & ready

All you have to do is sign up for a google Ad – Words Account, Set your Daily & monthly maximum budget and you’re all set.

Keep in mind that the ad- budget is set for a maximum, that means you might not actually spend the full amount budgeted every month but then again, who knows, maybe you will…

Happy Advertising !