Why you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website!


The misconception about creating a Website is that people won’t find you and that they can’t find you online. We get it, the Internet can be overwhelming due to its size. However, the truth is most searches lead you to what you’re looking for and with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google can understand your website and better rank it based on what people are searching.

That’s what we do. We build you or your company a website that you’d enjoy just as much as google would. We pack your website with meta tags ( similar to the Hashtags for Social Media), Important Keywords, allowing people to find you through SEO.

Creating a website is the most important aspect of any business; whether a restaurant, a retail shop, even a personal blog or real estate website.

Take this for example, I call my friend and tell him I found a really nice restaurant in lakeville, he asks me its name and I tell him, the first thing he’ll do is search it online and look at reviews and galleries. If there’s no website or listings for the restaurant, regardless of how well the restaurant treats its guests or how delicious the food may be, the odds are, my friend will be turned off about visit the new place I told him about.
That being said, Internet presence & SEO is a must to survive with the new generation of the tech savvy.